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Related article: Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 20:36:47 EDT From: Subject: adventures of tray and jay 48"Adventures of Tray and Jay 48"PART 48: Lolita Mpegs RUNAWAYSI never even met a real runaway before, but I knew one when I saw him, okay, on the highway with his thumb out. I hit the brakes hard on Cruz and jerked him over to the side of the road fast when I saw his hungry little eyes and thin, bony face. I came to a stop a few yards past him, and that's when I spotted another one, just like the first only smaller, finishing off a wiz behind a bush and checking me out over his shoulder. They were bros, I knew right off. The little one, taking the piss, was about 14, and the other, who thumbed me down, barely 15.They each had a small bag, and neither one even smiled. They were exhausted and dirty. Their baggy jeans and T-shirts were nice once but had obviously slept in too many culverts and shit lately, and their short, buzzed, dirty blond hair was all fucked up. The little one even had a sticky thorn in his hair, which drove me crazy until we got back on the road and picked up speed. He was in back, quietly leaning forward between the seats, staring at the road, while his big bro brooded out the passenger window."Come here, kid," I said finally, waving him closer with my right hand, and his eyes darted suspiciously to his brother, who sat up and grabbed the door handle like he was ready to bail out if need be! No shit! Spunky little suckers, I realized immediately. "Relax. You got something nasty in your hair, let me get it for you."So the kid ducked his head a little, and with one eye on the road I carefully worked it out and stuck it in the ashtray."Thanks," the kid managed reluctantly, still not sure about me."I'm Jay," I grinned at the older boy. "What are you and your brother called?" His head cocked back in surprise and alarm. "Easy, easy! I have a brother, too. I can spot a couple of bros on the run when I see them. So what are your names?""I'm Cyrus," went the older one, challenging me to do something about it. "He's Leon." Cyrus indicated the back seat with a flick of his head. Both of their eyes were the same dark-ass blue, it was hot. These boys wouldn't take shit from no one."Where you headed?" I asked."Doesn't matter." Cyrus eased back in his seat, clearly depressed even more by the thought of it.I watched him a minute, and Leon in the mirror, and they seemed to share the same funk. They weren't just runaways, they were lost. I took a deep breath and made up my mind."Well, you can sleep at my place tonight, take a shower, have something to eat, maybe even wash your clothes, and then tomorrow figure out what's what," I offered. I saw Leon's eyebrows go up hopefully as he turned to his big bro for a decision."You're not a pervert or anything, are ya?" Cyrus asked, and I grinned and shook my head. "There's more of them around than you normally notice.""I'm gay, dudes, but I never raped anyone my whole life, I swear."There was this weird pause while it sank in."You're WHAT?" Leon snapped first."I'm gay."Cyrus went out of his way to turn and look over the seat at Leon, and they just gaped."You mean, happy la-la kind of gay, or escaped mental patient kind of gay...or what?" sputtered Cyrus, licking his thin, red lips. A nervous chuckle escaped him."I mean, suck dick kind of gay."They both gasped."Cripes, Cy, he's a cocksucker and he admits it!" blurted Leon, and I lost it, I busted up good."Take it easy, guys, you're safe, I'm not gonna jump you and tie you up and blow you 'til you die or anything," I promised, and they both looked real doubtful but they quieted down again. "Even if we do have the place to ourselves 'cause my lover and my big bro and his boyfriends are all off doing shit of their own.""Oh, holy cripes, Cy, did you hear what he said?" moaned Leon.It was too much for Cy, who closed his eyes hard and shivered and then opened them again and stared at me. "What, is the whole town like you or something?" is all he could get out at last. Only, the kid was serious as hell. His brows furrowed, and he waited for me to answer."No, Cy, it seems like it sometimes, but no, the whole town's not queer." I paused. "Look, guys, relax. You're safe with me..."I kind of trailed off, okay, because I was going to add, unless you ask for it, but I thought, nah, they'll freak and jump right here! So I held Cruz on course, and in a half-hour we were pulling up to the curb at home and climbing out. The boys stretched like cats and yawned, and their rock hard, hairless bellies flexed for me to check out secretly, so as not to spook them or anything!Inside, I showed them around fast, my room, the bathroom and kitchen, and they seemed to chill a little more. Leon squeezed his crotch hard and jangled his legs fast and said, "I gotta piss again, bad!""You know where it is, Leon, make yourself at..." But he was gone before I could finish, and Cy seemed embarrassed when we stood there a moment saying nothing but listening to the sound of his little bro's piss crashing into the toilet bowl. I couldn't help it, I just leaned closer and reached out and patted his head, he was so cute and uncomfortable and, I knew, real protective of little bro. He tensed all over, Lolita Mpegs but then his shoulders relaxed, and his eyes closed, and his mouth dropped open a little, and his tongue lashed over his lips...And Leon appeared in the background, unseen by Cy, and the younger boy watched, unsure what to do. Because, I mean, to tell the truth, it was more than a pat on the head I gave that kid, it was more of a long, friendly strokes, I guess, and he was really in need of one so he soaked it up good. And I like physical contact more than anything, to give that special relief only the warmth of my hand or arms and chest and stuff can give another dude. Everybody needs it, even if most guys don't want to admit it. Finally Leon cleared his throat, and Cy fell back, blinking as if he'd been busted fooling around or something."Come on, guys, take a load off and tell me all about it," I said, waving them to take the couch while I eased back in the easy chair. They sat close, and Cy started for them."Nothing special, Jay, it's just time we were on our own. We're old enough, we're not kids or nothing." He paused. He knew he was lying, too, which is good. "Anyway, back home, we weren't...we weren't really..." The words seemed to stick."Wanted," Leon finished softly. Cy's face twitched, and he swallowed. My throat tightened up, so I kept my mouth shut."It's not that we weren't wanted, Jay, it's just that we were...we were...""In the way," Leon spat. "Don't lie, Cy, say it! Say it! They didn't want us, that's why he...""SHUT UP!" Cy turned on Leon and grabbed the smaller boy by the shoulders. Suddenly, Leon looked little again. Tears broke free and covered his cheeks in a flash. I didn't know what to say. "That's family business, Leon, remember? Remember?" He shook the boy again, and Leon sobbed:"They aren't family now, anyway, right? Isn't that what you said when you packed our bags and pulled me out the window, Cy? Didn't you say it yourself? After he..." Leon looked at me, then back to Cy. "You know."Cy let go of Leon and covered his face with his hands and peeked through his fingers at me. His eyes were red and wet."It's true, Jay. What we both said. Him and me, both. It WAS time for us to leave. They DON'T want us. And...and...we ARE old enough to take care of ourselves."Leon got up on his knees and wrapped his arms around his big brother, who lowered his hands and closed his eyes and forced himself to keep it together. I was about to lose it, for real. Then what happened, they both seemed to do it together, automatically. Leon moved a little, and Cy pulled him, and then Leon was in Cy's lap with the bigger kid's arms loose around his waist."He likes it when I do this," Cy felt he had to explain. Leon's eyes fixed on me, probing."I understand, guys, really," I managed to get out. I was still real choked up. "Hey, any time you want a shower, go for it.""Maybe later," Cy said, worn out. His hands started roaming over Leon, who squirmed a little so Cy grinned and bit his lip and then thought better and looked at me. I swallowed hard, feeling my pecker stir. That's when Leon gave his a squeeze, not much, but still, the way his eyes were glued to me and all...And I saw something take shape under his jeans, as loose as they were, still, there it was, twitching out to the side, making the frayed denim bob."You guys have to tell me one thing, okay, it's real important," I said, and I saw I had their attention. "About your dad...or, whatever you call him, in your heads, now...but your dad...what did he do to you?"They froze."He likes to drink," Cy shrugged, like that explains everything. Whatever everything was."A lot," added Leon, who jumped from his bro's lap and pulled off his shirt, and before he was done I was shaking with horror and anger. His firm, boyish chest was black and blue with marks that looked like someone had taken a..."A belt," Leon grinned, reading my mind, I guess. "He'd beat up our mom first until she couldn't do anything, then he'd go after me and make Cy watch, because every time Cy would try to stop him he'd kick him in the nuts or slap him silly with his big hands.""Leon, man, that's nobody's business," Cy begged the smaller boy quietly. "PLEASE don't tell him any more!""But last Friday night..." It was Tuesday now, so they had spent three nights out alone on their own. "...he was really into it, right, whacking me extra good with his belt so he didn't see Cy coming, but I did, and part of me wanted to warn him, but I didn't, I kept my mouth shut like the bad son I always was, and...and...God! When Cy hit him in the head with that fire poker, I almost puked, his blood went all over everything, my face even...""Leon! Don't!" Cy was trembling, curling up into himself. Leon patted him on the back."It's okay, Jay, we made sure he was alive and breathing," Leon finished abruptly, satisfied, I think, at last. To get it out.I forced myself to finish it. "He didn' anything...else to you, did he? I mean, that's bad enough, but he didn't abuse you...""Relax, man, he didn't pull any queer shit, if that's what you mean," Cy laughed, then his face went serious and he looked sorry, so I grinned and shook my head."No offense taken, dude, that's cool, really! Totally cool." I stood carefully and crossed to them, then got on my knees and reached for Cy's shirt. He flinched, then took a deep sigh and let me do it. I lifted his shirt off and gasped at the marks all over him. Leon automatically started stroking his brother tenderly, and Cy shook and shivered at first."Do me a favor, guys?" I asked, embarrassed. "Umm, I mean, this will sound funny, coming from a fag, but I need to know something, okay?" They both nodded, Cy less surely. "Just stand up a minute and drop your pants and stuff so I can check out the rest of your injuries. I won't pull anything, I promise, against your will. I PROMISE."The bros looked at each other and without a word stood and began unbuttoning their jeans slowly. They took a deep breath and faced me together and bent to push their pants down, then straightened again, unsure what to do. They stood there awkwardly in their dirty Jockeys, their jeans bunched at their ankles. I saw more bruises and some healed cuts on their legs, but not as bad as their back and chests, and that's when Leon suddenly dropped his underpants. He stood there, bared completely to me, a stranger, while Cy fidgeted and finally gave in and followed his little bro, very reluctantly.They were completely soft, and they shivered lightly from the A/C. I was real relieved to see no signs of any injuries Lolita Mpegs down there. They were perfectly normal young teenage boys, hard to tell how big they'd be if they were aroused, but nice and loose, except for their balls, which were baby smooth and pulled almost all the way up inside their groins. Their pubes were both black, but Cy's were real thick and sprayed out wide while Leon's were small and thin. Cy's dick also hung about an inch lower than his little bro's, nestling evenly between his sack but well below."Turn around a sec," I prodded, and by then they were cool with it, I guess, so they did it as fast as they could with their ankles bound up by jeans. "Okay, and one last thing...bend over, okay? Humor me." So they both groaned and did it, and I gently lay one hand on each of their firm, pale butt cheeks...and THAT made them jump, you bet! "Sorry! Relax." I peered closely into their cracks, which, other than being actually a lot cleaner than you'd expect in two adolescent boys who have been on the road for a few days, they were definitely not abused. I couldn't help taking a quick sniff of Leon's hot little butthole, it was so pink and puckered and shiny from sweat and boy spunk, and then I blew on it fast, and he jumped a little. "Okay, cool."They stood and faced me again, and Leon suddenly had his hands in front of him. Even Cy noticed. I decided to untie their laces and help them out of their shoes and socks, one at a time, starting with Cy, who was relaxed with it, and then Leon, who was increasingly nervous. I felt my own cock stretch out all the way hard and throb, and I felt like a pervert all of a sudden.So I looked up at the boys, from one to the other, and said, "Ever watched a dirty video?" Just the words, I swear to God, made Cy's cock bounce up so it was straight in front of him, not all the way hard yet at about 5", and when Leon saw that his hands dropped to reveal his own woodie that was totally, at-attention stiff and proud and about the same length as his big bro's...until Cy saw it, and his jumped the rest of the way to full boner, a beautiful, buff 6.5" of red, hard boy meat. They stared at each other in obvious wonder."This the first time you've ever compared boners?" I asked, playing with my own through my pants."Uh-huh!" they both nodded and blinked, mesmerized by the erections they were powerless to stop gawking at! I stood."Mind if I join you?" I asked, ready for rejection, but they just shook their sweet little heads and turned their eyes to me finally. Before their startled young eyes, I stripped quickly, and when I prepared to unveil my huge, sticky bone with one thumb down each side of my Speedos, they unconsciously gave their own a tug, and I felt another gush of precum squirt out just as my thumbs pushed my Speedos down and my cock popped out."DAAAAAMN!" went Cy, and Leon's jaw dropped as his eyes bulged! It was so cute! They both reached out without thinking, just that natural urge any boy has to touch a really big penis when he sees one, but then their senses overrode their natures and they pulled back."Go on, feel it," I told them, and they did. Soft, gentle, scared, excited, unsure, all of it. Most boys know the feeling from some time or another. Cy's hand reached down to my big dangling nuts which he tickled, and as more of my juice throbbed out my piss hole his little bro rubbed it with his fingers and sniffed it. His eyes closed pleasantly. Then he grabbed my dick and squeezed, knowing how to get more of my stuff out, I guess, because..."Yeah!" he said and worked it all over his palm so he could use it to...JACK HIS OWN PECKER! OHMYGOD! Leon used my semen to jerk himself! It was too much!I prodded them into my room and onto the bed and got on my knees to scrounge for the right video, and...yep! There it was! A wild bi-sexual flick my buddy Chet gave me. I put it in the VCR and turned on the TV and got between the boys, who were totally ready for whatever by then. It starts with these two high school jocks peeking through a wall at girls in the locker rooms, and the guys are playing with themselves, so that's what we all did. Real soon, I saw the bros were having to stop all the time."You ever jack off before?" I Lolita Mpegs asked, and they silently nodded their heads yes and checked each other out again, with Lolita Mpegs rising excitement. Their boners jumped on their own. I got up on my knees and pushed them closer together, so their sides touched."I always do it in the shower," breathed Cy."No way, me, too!" groaned Leon."You want some help, dudes, say so."Leon nodded YES-YES-YES! I straddled their two legs that touched and bent over and licked Leon's nads, those hot, spunky, nasty, shriveled nuts of his that smelled and tasted like piss and sweat and several days worth of pent-up juices, and the boy's back arched off the bed like I'd zapped him with an exposed light cord! My face followed his balls up and back down, and then I ate him viciously there between his sweet kid legs. I licked and slurped and made him drip with my spit, and the taste of his innocence and cherriness drove me absolutely fucking insane with lust!Cy leaned over and stroked his little bro's chest, and with the droopiest eyes I ever saw on a dude, he swallowed and lowered his face to Leon's dick, and Leon instinctively took the back of his big bro's head in one hand and guided it where it was needed, FAST! As soon as Cy's mouth took Leon's virgin cock, Leon's entire body bucked and snapped off that first non-self-induced orgasm, right into his brother's thrilled mouth.Cy gasped around Leon's cock, in fear and total excitement, as he felt and tasted his brother explode into him, as if even though he knew what his own dick did when it was aroused he wasn't prepared to take the same thing from his brother until it happened, and he smelled and tasted that rich, funky, 14-year-old cream fill his mouth and sinuses! I lay my face on Leon's thigh Lolita Mpegs and nibbled his balls slowly and watched the joy of discovery fill Cy's flushed, burning face. His throat bobbed as he swallowed a load of sperm for the first time.I moved over to Cy and pushed him onto his back and devoured his nuts, and he grunted and choked and grabbed my hair with both hands, and I felt Leon settle down and heard him begin to breathe easier, and then he returned his bro's favor. He put one arm over Cy's belly and went down on his big bro without another thought, and the fingers of his other hand played with Cy's balls as my tongue lapped over both of them. Cy spewed uncontrollably, too, only he nearly screamed in the ecstasy of that first blowjob and ball- licking revelation!"Oh, Leon! LEON! OHHH! GODDDDDDD!" I heard Leon laughing delightedly as gobs of brother spunk blasted in his mouth and throat.Well, we didn't catch any more of the video. I climbed back between the boys and put my arms around their necks and pulled them to me for a hug, but I wasn't prepared for Leon's lips to kiss me on the cheek spontaneously...or his big bro's hand to take my dick the same way! I grunted, and my head turned sideways, and Leon kissed me on the mouth, full, breathing hard and sucking on my mouth with his sweet, innocent little lips, and the taste and feel of his spit flowing into me was outrageous! Maybe even better than Cy's handjob on me down below!But then Cy went all the way, and when his mouth replaced his hand I nearly died in rapture. All he could get was the head at first, but he did the best on my head that anyone ever did. He licked it and sucked hard and played with my nuts at the same time, until...shit! Leon was down there licking me, and I felt my balls catch fire with his boy spit lubing them up, and he even pushed my legs apart so he could get in the grooves and lick my smooth spots that have always made me crazy when someone goes there! I did, I went crazy! I damn near shrieked! One hand shoved down spastically on Cy's head, and he choked and sputtered but made it maybe halfway down my monster.I groaned real loud and bucked my hips and remember hearing Leon giggle, the hot little fucker, between my thighs, and my eyes were wide open but they rolled up inside my head when I started flaring in total physical and emotional release and pumped it gush after gush into Cy's throat! He really choked bad but I couldn't stop, and I guess Leon knew what was happening and moved his face close to his bro's because when I looked down there and focused, Leon was trying to kiss Cy despite my massive, cum- and spit- dripping thing wedged deep inside the kid! I was still spraying off into him when my dick came out of Cy's throat and gave up the last of its cream into his panting mouth.When we all parted and lay on our backs, I looked at the boys to see if they were cool with it, and they were covered with sweat. Cy had one arm over his forehead, and he was panting powerlessly, dripping sweat, his arm pit drippy so I leaned close and licked it and sniffed good, and he spazzed all over again but laughed, so I knew he was okay, and I turned back to Leon, who was watching me breathlessly, and when our eyes met he blinked lovingly and rolled over and snuggled close to me. His dick was still hard and pressed to my hairy leg, and my boner bounced once again.I wanted to fuck them bad, but that might be going too far. Right? Oh, man, I can't help it! But right when I was making my move on young Leon's tight, untried butt, his big bro beat me to it! Cy climbed over me and straddled his kid brother and pushed the smaller boy onto his back and lay flat on top of him, and the rest was so beautiful and natural I was happy just laying there on my side and watching it go down! Cy took his bro's head in his hands and blinked and leaned close and put his lips on Leon's, and they both played back and forth, with their mouths and tongues, kissing like a couple of dudes who have never tried it before and like experienced lovers, at once! It was the wildest thing I ever saw.Cy slowly took Leon's wrists and pinned them lovingly by his bro's head, and they kept kissing and kissing and sucking face and licking each other's mouths and lips and faces, and then Cy went down, and down, munching on little bro's spunky pits and biting his tiny nips and running his tongue ferociously, starvingly, down the center of Leon's chest, all the way to Leon's belly button, where Cy lost it and slurped it up wet and nasty! OHMYGOD! FUCK ME!Except, Cy didn't want to fuck me, he wanted in his little bro...BAD. I saw it when he turned his hot, sexy boy eyes upward to his overwhelmed brother, whose eyes rolled back in his head in the throes of absolute pleasure. He had his big bro on top of him, eating him from the outside in, and he knew what was coming, he knew the thing I saw in Cy's eyes...and then Cy licked his lips feverishly, panting, ready to pass out in the thrill of taking his kid bro, and he went for it.Cy crawled forward again, still licking the riled flesh of Leon's belly and chest, and as Cy's knees inched higher, Leon's legs went backward, further and further, and stopped only when Cy's cock was pressed to Leon's crack and sent shivers of manly delight through both of them. Leon's wrists broke free, and he dropped his hands to his ass cheeks and pried at them to open up his pristine hole for the taking...he offered himself as blatantly as he knew how! And Cy's eyes gleamed nasty and determined, and he jammed the Lolita Mpegs head of his horny dick flush with his bro's puckered rim...And I thought fast and hawked a wad of goobers in my hand and reached between them and slapped it fast and good over Cy's ready prick, which the very next second slid ALL THE WAY in Lolita Mpegs his brother! Fuck! Leon tensed and exploded in red all over, and his face shone with sweat suddenly, and he let out a little yelp...AI!...but it was drowned by his big bro's wild panting and grunting and carrying on like the little stud fucker he is! My bed went to shaking like an earthquake! I sat up and copped a thrill running my hands all over the kids, getting off totally on their slick young bods and the funky smells they made by themselves and together, and sometimes I leaned closer to lick some Lolita Mpegs of it off them, but that was too much! I almost died when I tasted their sex as it was happening!Man, that Cy boy was fucking his cherry bro like a bull in heat! When you're ready, you're ready, I guess. Anyway, Cy was past ready! He banged Leon but good, BAM- BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM-BAM! Over and over and over! His eyes were slammed shut, he was spraying sweat from every pore in his body, and I was in fag heaven licking it off his crazy ass! I mean it, his ASS! He felt my tongue slip up his shoot, and that sent him over, I think, because then he tensed and shuddered and..."OH, YEAH...YEAH...YEAH! OH, LEON! LEON, BRO! OHHHHHH!"And that was all he got out, except for this long, choking wail as he planted his bone up little bro's shoot and creamed the kid's ass til the cum had to be overflowing out onto the sheets! All I know is, I wanted a taste of it straight from Leon's first-used rear end!I lay by their sides again to watch them slip apart, and it was so fucking awesome to see them untangle all wet and slippery and worn out and spent the way boys like to be spent best, and then they clumphed into a pile there, and I settled close behind Cy with my prick gushing clear stuff. My only surprise was that Cy leaned back into me and even lay one hand on my hip, and that was all I could take before pressing my cock further up his crack, and I remember thinking, this is the kid's last chance to back out.But he didn't take it. Instead, Cy pushed me backward and then spread out face-down on the sheets, and my pecker throbbed at the sight of his firm, smooth boy backside there for the taking. I crawled between his legs, which spread wider, and his hands went out, too, one over his little bro's stomach because the kid had rolled over and was watching us keenly, and I grinned at Leon and buried my mouth up Cy's asshole. Cy cut loose wailing in delight and bucking his ass up for me to eat, so I chowed down. I worked my fingers in and out a little, the better to taste his spunky treat, and then waved at Leon to join me.Timidly, Leon came closer til his face was there by mine, and I kissed him wet, straight from his big bro's wild hole, and he liked that so much he decided to go for it...and I watched breathlessly as Leon's tongue came out and inched forward to his brother's hole, and then in and around, and he lost it and went to sucking Cy's butt like I was! Only, Cy knew his bro's tongue when he felt it and started chuckling like a very evil boy! Oh, man!I lifted up and crawled higher up between Cy's legs, and I jacked my own lube over my dick, and Leon caught sight of my thing there and gaped Lolita Mpegs again, then shook his head and got out of my way, and I lay my whole body over Cy's little one and had my cock ready to penetrate right off, but I kissed Cy on the cheek and whispered, "Relax, kid, no matter what, you're gonna love this, I promise! Trust me! Even if it hurts like hell, you'll get off, I swear.""Uh-huh!" he whispered, scared shitless, no doubt, but the head of my cock felt his virgin rim flutter, and that was all she wrote! I penetrated him steadily, never stopping until all of it was in, and I felt him spazzing beneath me and breathing hard to control the pain, and he did good. He took it, all of it, and that's a man's job if ever there was one! Cy gasped for air and shook and sobbed."Here's the good part, dude, trust me, relax while I pull it out and Lolita Mpegs move the lube around..."I did it slowly, and Cy sucked in one long-assed breath of air that ended in a totally relieved sigh!"UHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!" is all he said, and I started fucking Cy for real, but not hard. Just steady and even, in and out, all the way both directions, and we both loved the fuck out of it! Every time my cock head drove home to his grateful but overwhelmed prostate, he yelped again that way, AI! I loved it. So sexy! From the throat, okay. AI! I thought I could fuck that kid all night just to hear that hot, boyish little bark of pleasure!Leon was doing the same to us that I did to him and his bro when they fucked, and it was too much. The feel of his silky soft little dude hands on my more manly flesh and his big bro's totally flattened, prostrate body beneath me...damn! I pumped it to Cy good and steady, but I went faster because I thought it was only fair the older boy experience some of what he paid on the younger one! So I pounded his ass, as my own big bro likes to say! Yeah! I pounded Cy's shocked adolescent butthole hard as hell, before I was done. My dick was traveling so fast and blind in and out of that little poop shoot that I could see from Cy's gritting teeth and feel from the insane heat being generated down there where the two of us were joined as one that the sodomy action was making a fire!"Ohmygod, kid, you ready, dude? You want it, little dude?" I asked, out of breath and delirious."UHHHH! HUHHHHHHH!""COOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!"And I spewed, big time. I damn near blacked out, okay. I think we both felt my boner get bigger at the climax, and when the first burst of my sperm shot up into Cy's guts I felt his whole body react to it! His back arched, and his head came up to mine and turned, and our lips pressed together, and that's when I grabbed his head in one hand and held on so we could keep kissing like that, wet and sloppy and dripping all over! Talk about fucking hot! I swear I spazzed, and we kissed, for five minutes! His breath blew his spit into my mouth, which I totally dig anyway, only with Cy it was outrageous!Every time I'd shove my dick further up his ass, Cy would clamp down and milk it and make me shudder off more. Over and over. Finally we both sagged, and we kissed some more with him still under me and my bone still in him, and then I eased out and pushed him immediately onto his back. The little sucker took me off in his mouth AND ass, and you know I was gonna taste his sweet load.I sniffed him good and felt Leon come close again, and I licked his beautiful, blood-filled cockhead and tasted his sugary boy juice, and I let my tongue travel the pulsing length of that 15-year-old woodie and down to his balls, which had come out all the way and dangled loosely between his funky-smelling legs, slick from the buttfuck I just put on his ass, Lolita Mpegs and they spread easy to let my mouth taste him down there. I dug it a lot, the mix of my sperm and sweat and his gamy, raunchy boyness...and then I went back up fast and swallowed his jumping prick and startled him so badly he flexed and jumped all over the place! I actually got to go up and down on his tasty dick five times, but then he tensed for real and grabbed my head and didn't even get a word out, just this hot-hot gurgly sound, and then his cock was throbbing off in my throat and pumping me full of his boy sperm again, and I smelled it good. I love the smell of boy sperm rising from my throat to my sinuses! Fuckin-A, yeah! Or fuckin-face, yeah!Well, we went on all night, with little naps in between. Those boys are insatiable, and once Leon saw how good his big bro liked my dick inside him, well, he had to have a piece of it himself. Right? We all got a piece of everything before it was done.And the next day, I talked the guys into calling home, and I could hear their Mom crying over the line, and then the boys lost it, too. Dad was in jail, after Mom figured out what happened, and all she wanted was for them to come back and stay with some relatives for a while.So Cy and Leon got to stay one more night after that...and of course, Dylan and Tray and the other cocksuckers were back for that...
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